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Local news should be local.

The Boulder Reporting Lab is a modern local news startup committed to quality journalism that digs beneath the surface. We cover and elevate issues of community concern and pride, for a more informed, inclusive and connected Boulder. We are 100% independent and dedicated to building a nonprofit model that is sustainable for the long term.

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Why now?

Local news is struggling across Colorado. Assuring the vitality of our local democracies will depend on whether we nurture solutions together that serve diverse communities and fill information gaps.

We're building The Boulder Reporting Lab — with you and for you — to help create a permanant solution for our community and civic health. 

Building our mission, together.

Here's what you've told us you want The Boulder Reporting Lab to be and do...

Truly Local News

 Your national/regional news needs are filled by other sources. None can inform  you in the way you need about what’s happening in your backyard. 

Dig Beneath the Surface

You want more info about what you know. You’re just as concerned about what you don't. You want us to explain the visible and unearth the unseen.

Serve the Community Good

You want your local journalists to be as committed as you are to community betterment as they work to hold power to account.

Equitable and Inclusive

You want an equitable and inclusive community. You want us to have this same goal — to represent Boulder's full diversity in our team and our coverage.  

Show How Boulder Shines

You love Boulder. You live, work, learn and play here. You want to know what's good about your community — who's a champion and what they're doing.

Create With You

You know which information and solutions would best serve you. You want to be engaged in the process of assessing information needs and our issue priorities.

About the founder.

Hi, I’m Stacy Feldman!

I co-founded the national news organization InsideClimate News. We started as a two-person blog and grew into an award-winning newsroom. I was executive editor during my last five years there. 

ICN achieved what many told us would be impossible — a sustainable news business, impact on the national media ecosystem, a Pulitzer Prize. It’s no wonder I believe in entrepreneurial solutions to our local news challenges. 

I moved to Boulder with my husband and our two little kids after we fell in love with this mountain city on vacation. 

I’m now honored to be a Ted Scripps Fellow at the Center of Environmental Journalism at the University of Colorado Boulder, where I’m building The Boulder Reporting Lab and community around it. 


Twitter: @BoulderRL | @stacyfeldmanbrl

"Stacy was one of the most fearless, exacting editors I've ever worked for — and she brought out the very best in my reporting. As a proud CU graduate, I can't wait to see her investigative skills at work in Boulder. Every community needs a Stacy."

Georgina Gustin
Reporter, InsideClimate News

"When I work with reporters and edit stories at NPR, I feel so often like I’m channeling what Stacy taught me as my boss at InsideClimate News. I know to ask my reporters for rigor, smart analysis and ambition, because that's what she wanted from me. I'm certain that journalism focusing on Colorado will only get a big boost with the formidable insight and experience Stacy will bring to this project."

Neela Banerjee
Supervising Climate Editor, NPR

"I've worked on many an ambitious project with Stacy over the years — eager to see what new ground this reporting lab will break. Nothing beats local journalism done well!"

John H. Cushman Jr. 
Reporter/Editor, New York Times &
Managing Editor, InsideClimate News (retired)

"Stacy is one of the most talented and innovative journalists I know. I am excited to follow her journey on this much-needed local journalism effort."

Beth Daley
Editor and General Manager, The Conversation

Want to contribute?

Want to be part of building this experiment in modern local news reporting? Feel inspired to support community-powered journalism in and around Boulder? Drop us a line at

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Photo credits: Boulder aerial image by espiegle; Flatirons image by brucemaloneatx; Pearl Street image by Jen Lobo

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